The Only SOLAR POWERED LED Lantern and Mobile Device Charger

⚡ 2-Pack Liberty Lantern – Bigger and brighter than any modern day lantern, these LED Vintage-Style Lanterns give you a classic vintage lantern look with a modern-day feel. Each lantern is crafted from metal for lightweight durability and features 9 LEDs. They’re perfect for any camping trip, outdoor activity, or to use inside your home in case of a power outage. Each lantern comes with a dimming switch and a portable handle–and up to an incredible 120,000 hours of usage.
✔️ 16 Ultra Bright LED Light Bulb last up to 120,000 hours
✔️ Recharges any mobile device
✔️ No annoying batteries
✔️ Recharges with indoor/outdoor light via built-in solar panel
✔️ Stays cool to the touch
✔️ Water resistant