Company Overview

InvenTel is a full-service direct-response marketing company, with success in all aspects of product development: we handle everything, from sourcing, commercial production, editing, graphic design and packaging through to direct response marketing, media, sales and fulfillment. All of this is done in-house, allowing us to move quickly while maintaining quality.

InvenTel’s success ranges across many categories, from housewares to hardware, beauty to pain relief, electronics to exercise. Unlike many DRTV companies, our products move onto retail shelves and stay there. We have set new standards for many categories, as evidenced by our success with Dash Cam Pro, HD Free TV Antenna, Hollywood Nails, HD Mirror Cam and many other innovative products.

InvenTel is extremely selective in choosing new products. Once a product is accepted, however, we give it 100% commitment at every stage, by refining features, sourcing components and testing marketing campaigns until we can roll-out a sure winner.

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