InvenTel has been a driving force in the DRTV industry since its conception. Building successful retail relationships is our specialty, and has been continuously strengthened throughout our long history, beginning with the introduction of the “As Seen On TV” retail outlets, continuing with the unrivaled success of our OEM brand, and culminating in the decision to bring our years of knowledge and experience to the development of InvenTel TV.

We are a vertically integrated company, keeping all of our services ‘in house’ in order to directly control the quality of every aspect of product development: sourcing, commercial production, editing, graphic design, packaging, Direct Response marketing, media, sales and fulfillment. We chose to be extremely selective in the products that we deliver, taking our time, and combined expertise, to fully develop the product, from ‘good idea’ to retail placement. From houseware to hardware, exercise devices to electronics; beauty to pain relief, if a product is patented or prototyped, InvenTel can help turn your dream into a reality and get it right where you want it—directly into the hands of the consumer.

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